As a consultancy business, we keep up with the latest in Unmanned Aerial System technology.

  • We will ascertain the needs and requirements of your organisation;
  • Provide up-to-date information about the latest aircraft and capabilities from around the world (we have flown and reviewed many aircraft throughout Europe, England Canada and the United States);
  • Tailor a package of aircraft and payload that best suits your needs;
  • Provide training on laws, regulations, safety, and ethics.
  • Assist in the development of a proposal for submission to the Safety regulator in your country (e.g. CASA is the Australian regulator)
  • Provide PowerPoint, oral or written presentations to decision-making  management

What sets our company apart from many others is our extensive operational and international experience.  We will tailor a package to suit your needs and find the right aircraft for your particular needs.  Don’t be fooled by outrageous claims made by some UAV companies.

Most companies can give you details of licensing, training and theoretical practices, few can provide operation experience in the field. We have a wealth of experience around the world. Having flown some of the most advanced small UAS/drones available on the market today including the Draganflyx4-ES Ultra Portable,and the X4 C,  the Aeryon Skyranger, Ascending Technologies Falcon8, Chaos Choppers “Squad” and the latest from  Aeronvironment Qube and Puma.*please note we do not fly these aircraft for you.

We have highly trained personnel specialising in policing counter-terrorism, close personal protection, search and rescue and links into the superyacht industry.

Provide threat assessment, legally admissible evidence in relation to piracy activities.We have packages to suit any requirements.

We have developed a number of solutions to suit any requirements.
Basic packages to get you started in the UAV industry begin from just $200 US.
With such diversity in requirements and aircraft, most package costs can be negotiated.

We have developed solutions for your business to focus on:

  • Safety
  • Suitability
  • Significantly cost effective
  • Simplicity
  • Publicly and politically acceptable.

UAV systems often fall into two categories, rotary craft or fixed wing vehicles.  Our team are experienced in the industries of security, law enforcement, maritime, surveillance and mapping to name a few.  Increasingly, as UAVs become more cost effective, their recreational use is also exploding across the globe.

UAVs used in Home and Building Inspections

Fixed Wing UAVs also Provide a Valuable Service

We specialise in UAVs for Superyachts  


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